My passion is creating imagery. I love to paint  and  write.

Over the years, I’ve written lots of poems and have stored them away. At first I was unsure of my ability to write well. Then I imagined poetry as painting with words instead of a brush. This idea actually made it easier for me to write. Pictures appear in my mind’s eye and the words follow.

After completing my first manuscript, I joined a writers group and their advice helped me see how a story is woven together. I have since rewriten and added a few strokes here and there to refine the story.

Someone asked me  if I find a similarity between painting and writing—knowing when to stop. There definitely is a similarity. When are you done? Will I mess up the ending like the painting that should have been left alone. That added touch of color or mixing the wrong colors could produce a dull, muddy painting.  Adding too many words just to ‘fluff’ a sentence or paragraph could also result in a dull, muddy story. Not every painting is a masterpiece and I assume the same for writing. So wish me luck and confidence to improve my craft.

I shall continue writing because my characters are now a part of me and I can’t abandon them.

Happy writing and painting to you.

J. M. Orise


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