My passion is creating imagery. I paint  and love to write. Over the years, I’ve written lots of poems and have stored them away. At first I was unsure of my ability to write well. Then I imagined poetry as painting with words instead of a brush. This idea actually made it easier for me to write. I see the pictures in my mind’s eye and the words follow. Last year I finally finished a manuscript for a novel. A first! I’ve since joined a writers group and with their advice, I see more clearly how a story is woven together. It is like a tapestry. I am re-writing and adding a few strokes here and there to refine the story.

Someone asked me  if I find a similarity in painting and writing–knowing when to stop. I had never thought of that. But there definitely is a similarity. When are you done? Will I mess up the ending like the painting that should have been left alone. That added touch of color or mixing the wrong colors could produce a dull, muddy painting.  Adding too many words just to ‘fluff’ a sentence or paragraph could also result in a dull, ‘muddy’ story.

Happy writing and painting to you.

J. M. Orise


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for sending. I agree with the link. I do love to paint, but wish I could visualize like an artist. I should stick to writing. I love your new work!


  2. Jo, you are so correct about the connection between the arts. I have tried my hand at painting also, and I do know it’s easy to muddy things with too much of anything. My personal definition of poetry is condensed language about our sensory images and our emotions. And the author Orson Scott Card has written a book that says that writing a novel is combining belief, emotion involvement, and understandibility. He combines it into the phrase “Faith, hope and clarity.”


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